Because the editor for Hair Sources, I visit many beauty and hair related websites. Within the this past year I’ve observed an increasing recognition from the search phrase Sedu Hairstyles and much more recognition from the Sedu Hair Straighteners.

So, I needed to read this growing trend to determine what Sedu Hairstyles are only for. The initial mission statement of the organization Sedu Beauty, established in 1991, would be to transform every Nonhairless female species in the world right into a Seductive beauty, Sedu for brief. Apparently , they likewise have many male admirers.

The hair straighteners by Sedu are rated the very best by consumers and therefore are pointed out to be liked by top hairstylists all over the world. Okay, it has certainly experienced my attention now.

I visited the organization website, at http://world wide and saw many images of pre and post while using Sedu Hair Straightener. The after pictures all demonstrated smooth smooth and noticeably shiny straight hair, instead of the before pictures that demonstrated very curly, frizzy or downright unmanageable searching hair.

I do need to admit which i would be a little skeptical having seen the photos. I stored searching online for that little disclaimer that states ‘Results not typical….etc.’ that you simply always get in weight reduction advertisements. But no such disclaimer are available.

For review purposes, I purchased single-1/2 inch Sedu Ionic Hair Straightener from among the approved sellers for auction on the organization website. The package showed up late one mid-day, right before I needed to go get my kids from soccer practice. I’d no more than ten minutes to spare before I needed to leave, however i really was anxious to test this hair straightener.

Here’s a free account of the items happened next. My hair was freshly washed and dried, and so i just put a tiny bit of Biosilk Silk Therapy that the organization recommends you utilize before flat ironing. My locks are very thick contributing to shoulder length. I really need to clip up the majority of my hair and begin flat ironing in the bottom layer. With my old hair straightener, it always requires a good fifteen minutes to iron my hair, without everything great outcomes.

Time Frame:

3:10 p.m. I connect the Sedu Ionic Hair Straightener use it the greatest temperature

3:10 p.m. and 25 seconds later. The eco-friendly light is blinking indicating the iron is able to use. I begin with the underside layer, progressively letting more hair lower until I’ve run the hair straightener total my hair. With this particular iron you just pass it once over hair. With my old iron I needed to run it through several occasions to obtain great results. P.S. You certainly don’t wish to touch hair after running the hair straightener regarding this. It’s very HOT.