Reasons to Never Shower Together - Why Shower Sex Is Bad

When using an anal shower, also known Doccia Anale , the temperature of the water is important. The area around the anus is filled with nerve endings, so the water must be at least lukewarm. You can test the temperature by dipping your wrist in the water. If the water is too hot, you should not use the shower.

The anal shower should be filled with water and rinsed thoroughly before use. If you are using it for the first time, it is recommended to purchase an anal shower designed specifically for cleansing the anal area. Lovehoney’s basic Anal Shower is one of the best-selling anal cleansing devices on the market. After you have thoroughly rinsed it, fill it with lukewarm water. You can use the shower either by pouring the water into the shower nozzle or by pouring it into a container of water.

If you are traveling, you can purchase a travel anal douche that has a suction cup, nozzle, and hose with flow adapter. There are also durable models like the Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche that are easily attached to the shower head. These devices are portable and come with a bag that is easy to store.

If you are using an anal douche, you must be extra careful to avoid skin irritation. This may be especially important if you suffer from constipation or hemorrhoids. Taking care of the area is crucial, and there are several products available on the market that can nourish your skin and prevent it from becoming inflamed.

When using an anal shower, you should be aware of the recommended size of the nozzle. A good size for a shower nozzle is 400 ml or more. You should also read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. It’s a safe and effective way to clean the anus before sexual intercourse.

Another option is to try using lubrication before using an anal shower. A lubricant can help prevent your butt from bleeding when you use an anal douche. Another method is to wash your butt well before and after sexual intercourse. A good washing in the bath or shower should take care of any stragglers.

There are many anal douche products on the market. Some of them are attached to a shower hose, which makes it easy for you to use them. Anal douche showers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can find one that works for you and your partner. A proper anal douche will provide deep cleansing and stimulate your erogenous zones. you can find lots of models of doccia anale at Linchery:

Some people use an anal douche for medical reasons, but douching before anal sex is a matter of personal choice. While your body does an excellent job of cleansing the anal area, some soaps may irritate the anal canal and cause irritation. Try to choose a soap with a low concentration of chemicals or sulfates.