You may perhaps be noticing some changes in your young child or teenager off late. Perhaps, he/she has been constantly refusing or defiant enough to follow your fair and reasonable requests. At times, you tried your best possible efforts to know, but it failed miserably. There may be times you might do thing only to regret later. It may involve calling them names, shouting at them, insulting them, using sarcasm, physically restraining or grabbing or even hitting them, etc. But such actions will only make things worse. It is actually your feelings of frustration and helplessness. The right way to take control of the situation will be to consult the top child psychiatric St Louis.

Tips to promote positive changes in your child/teenager’s behavior

You can follow some tips provided by the qualified child psychiatric St Louis to control your child.

  • Understand his/her needs: Avoid spoiling your child by providing everything that he/she asks for. Physical needs generally include:
    • Nutritious food
    • Stimulating the senses
    • Secure, spacious home
    • Regular physical & mental exercise
    • Entertainment
    • Security, attention, sense of control & autonomy
    • Privacy, sense of achievement & competence, etc. 
  • Avoid negative discipline: This will only have poor impact upon your children. They will show any responsibly and stop whatever they are doing. They will rather use the same against you later on. They will also try to control you and make you to act in predictable ways. As they grow bigger, you will be unable to control them.
  • Issue firm instructions in strong assertive voice: Do not display any emotion or anger, but set clear expectations. According to the leading child psychiatric St Louis, doing this will mean, they will not have any attention or audience. They will also own responsibility and discontinue their negative action. You will be in full control and is not likely to lower down your or their self-esteem.
  • Sanctions to impose on not following reasonable instructions: Do give always reminder of sanctions to impose. If they fail, then remove certain privileges like computer, phone, games, etc. You may give them some chore like a cleaning task, cancel a friend’s visit or withdrawing some special treat.
  • Praise your child: This is suggested by the certified child psychiatric St Louis. However, it need not be in excessive. Do notice & state precisely what they do to please you.

Thus following the strategies & tips provided by the experienced child psychiatric St Louis will allow you to have a decently behaved child.