Dizziness spells can be very uncomfortable but it is no surprise that adults experience dizziness occasionally. Many people who experience dizziness do not suspect it to be vertigo. If you have been feeling like your body is spinning. The environment of the room, it is better that you seek medical attention. Vertigo is a condition or an indication that one has other underlying diseases or medical issues. It commonly affects forty percent of people who are forty years and above. Dizziness can happen to anyone but how will you be able to tell that you are suffering from vertigo? Here are some of the things that cause vertigo

Inner ear problems

One of the most common causes of bppv vertigo among people is inner ear problems. Your inner ear has proteins and calcium-based sensing crystals and they are called otoconia. When the crystals are dislodged and float in the inner ear canal, you will feel like the environment or your body is moving in circles. The spinning sensation is a condition that can easily be corrected with proper therapy. Unless it is very severe, you do not have to undergo any surgical treatment. BPPV is known to be the most common inner ear-related condition but it only affects about 1 out of 1000 people in a single year. This is also a disorder that can affect anyone but it commonly affects older people. In most cases, this condition occurs for no reason at all. According to many specialists, BPPV has been linked to conditions such as diabetes, migraines, inner ear infection, and trauma among other things.

Low levels of vitamin B12

This is also another common cause of vertigo la among many patients today. Vitamin B12 is one of the essential vitamins that our body will always need. Lack of such vitamins can lead to different kinds of neurological conditions. Such conditions include feeling off-balance, decreased blood flow to your brain, and having low blood pressure among other problems. Lack of vitamin B12 is always very easy to detect as well as treat. If you discover that you are feeling any kind of dizziness, make sure to go for a blood test. Your doctor can check your B12 vitamin levels just to check if the lack of vitamin B12 is the cause of your dizziness. To improve your vitamin B12 levels, you have to eat foodstuffs such as dairy products, meat, and healthy cereals for breakfast.

Heat diseases When you feel dizzy all the time, that can also be an indicator that you are suffering from heart diseases. Sudden movement is one thing that can cause dizziness from time to time. This happens mostly when you try to get up from your chair or your bed all over a sudden. Sometimes the cause of sudden dizziness can also be heart diseases. Among the common heart conditions include a leaking heart valve, narrow heart valves, and arrhythmias among other conditions. For this, a dizziness specialist can be of great help.

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