HEETS are heating rather than burning tobacco sticks. They contain no e-liquid and only genuine tobacco. It is not an electronic cigarette. In its original state, it is the same old classic tobacco. This time, though, it is only heated to produce fumes rather than being burned. There is passive consumption. Because there is no direct burning, it is assumed that the toxins produced in this process are considerably lower than in burning. As a result, some individuals feel that it is the better method to consume tobacco.

Flavors available: There are several varieties available, such as HEETS BLUE and HEETS AMBER. Each of these has a unique mix. The blue flavour has a strong menthol taste. This is not feasible with standard smokes. You can find them in any vape store.

Why do people use it?

The IQOS is used by those who wish to use tobacco but don’t want any smoke or ash. This is not an option for individuals who want to quit smoking. Those searching for a taste variation, on the other hand, can choose between HEETS BLUE or HEETS AMBER. Only the IQOS technology can make use of heets. These sticks, unlike regular cigarettes, cannot be burned immediately.

How to use HEETS?

The IQOS holder is inserted with the heets stick. The HEET is triggered by pressing a button. As a result, the tobacco stick is heated to about 350 degrees Celsius. The element in the IQOS holder controls the heating. Following that, the actual flavour of tobacco is delivered via nicotine-containing vapours. But keep in mind that there is no burning and no smoke is produced. There are direct vapours for the user, with no wastage. The nicotine is being used optimally in the heets. Each session of a heets stick will last around 6 minutes, which is equivalent to 14 puffs.

Be safe: Each heets box will include 20 tobacco sticks. Each entire stick contains around 0.5 milligrammes of nicotine. Even if there is no smoke, tobacco is still harmful to children. Please take measures and keep it out of reach of children. This is not an option for people who wish to quit smoking. There will continue to be an addiction. So don’t use it merely to seem clever. It is not a toy; it has the same consequences as conventional cigarettes. Many nations have permitted the sale of these under the reduced risk category. The government wishes to dissuade young people from smoking e-cigarettes just to be fashionable so people prefer HEETS in UK. It has been deemed less hazardous, but not safe, because the toxins released are fewer than those produced by the original burning of tobacco in a regular cigarette.

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