NR or nicotinamide riboside powder has been made a good image due to the health benefits it has contributed. Aside from the test made on the mice, a human trial was done as well. With the advantageous effect of the ingredient, many have found out that the powder promotes weight loss. A useful site about NR supplement powder teaches and clarifies everything about it. The newly discovered NR is an NAD+ precursor vitamin. NR chloride in a crystal form termed NIAGEN is recognized as safe to use in foods and in dietary supplements.

The NR evaluation

Evaluating the dose-dependency and kinetics of NR oral safety and availability in overweight was done. An 8-week placebo-controlled and randomized clinical trial of healthy men and women were conducted. The consumption of 100-1000mg NR dose-dependently has significantly increased the whole blood NAD+ within 2 weeks. The report says that there is no flushing and no differences in adverse events between groups of different NR doses – NR and placebo-treated groups. It supports the development of the tolerable intake for the NR based on human data. The best site shows how NR is consumed and the right dosage for it. 

Safety use of Niagen

The central regulators of the entire metabolism are the NAD+ coenzymes; known as the following:

  • NAD+
  • NADH
  • NADP+

These are the NAD+ coenzymes that are responsible for human metabolism. Failure to work on the production of it can affect the entire bodily system of the human. Therefore the production of these coenzymes must be maintained or should be boosted, which NR powder can support it. These coenzymes are required to support the following:

  • Fuel oxidation
  • ATP generation
  • Gluconeogenesis
  • Ketogenesis
  • Pentose phosphates production
  • Heme
  • Lipids
  • Steroid hormones
  • Free radical species detoxification

Niagen is also another term of NR. So, you should not be puzzled if you heard them both. It only means one thing and that is the nicotinamide riboside. 

How much NR to take each day?

In general, most of the manufacturers recommend taking Niagen or NR 250-300mg each day. But, of course, there could be some manufacturers recommended lesser or higher than the recommended use. It depends on how much amount do users needed the NR. Once you take more than the recommended dose like over 3 grams a day, you could experience serious side effects. It might cause problems in the liver or high blood sugar. Once you apply NR on the skin, it is safe but when in too much amount, it causes itching, redness, and mild burning. So, you need to know more about NR and the proper use and dosage. NR is safe to use since pregnant, breastfeeding moms, and infants can take it. Of course, there is a recommended dosage for them to avoid side effects. Here are the following recommendations according to ages:

  • Infants. 2mg/day for 0-6 months and 4 mg/day for 7-12 months.
  • Children. 1-3 years is 6mg/day, 4-8 years is 8mg/day, 9-13 is 12mg/day
  • Adolescents and adults. Men 14 years and above must take 16mg/day, women 14 years and above take 14mg/day, pregnants take 18mg/day, and breastfeeding women takes 17 mg/day

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