You have noticed that you are losing more hair than usual, depending on the time of year or in a particular month. Cases of excessive hair loss may be isolated, but some men for months cannot affect the state of their weakened hair! What to do? Are there ways to give your hair volume and density? Get an opinion from NY professionals.

There are no magic bullets to make hair thick in an instant. Unfortunately, a tool has not yet been invented that allows you to get a thick hair in just a couple of applications. Of course, natural oils will help to add health to your hair, but you also need to be able to properly use them considering your hair type and characteristic features. To make hair thicker, you need to start by adjusting your diet. Quality proteins, healthy fats, minerals (zinc, iron), antioxidants and phytonutrients – all this should be fully present in your daily diet.

What haircut you choose depends on how your hair will look. New York Barbers can help with this. While you are actively rebuilding your diet, introducing products that are useful for hair growth, go to your stylist and ask about choosing a haircut that is most beneficial for such hair.

Hair loss can occur for various reasons. This is due to periods of stress and extreme fatigue … But the change of seasons cannot be the real cause of hair loss. Your mood affects your hair, not the yellow leaves falling from the trees.

To make hair thicker at home, brush it more often to evenly distribute those natural fats produced by the glands to protect the scalp and hair from external factors.

Another important point, if you want to make your hair thick: cut it every 2-3 months, update your hairstyle, removing its split ends. These careless forked tips visually make hair thin and untidy.


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