Your life cannot go on as it has. You must change course or risk a serious decline. You have realized this and are ready to do something about it. Drug addiction is not an easy thing to contend with, but you need not go through the process of freeing yourself from it alone. You must have the love and support of family and friends of course, but this is not all. You must also seek the expertise and assistance of substance abuse professionals. If you have become addicted to painkillers, then you must get painkiller treatment from people with the right knowledge and experience. You will only find such people in a painkiller rehab facility.

Your addiction to painkillers may seem benign, but it is not. The bottom line is that popping pills is doing damage to your body. And the habit will continue to put you at risk of an overdose. Painkiller addiction is one of the hardest to give up because it starts for most people. If you are like most painkiller addicts, you started taking the pills to cope with legitimate pain caused by an accident or workplace injury. What started out as a way to enhance your life has become a serious illness.

You are certainly not alone in your addiction. The opioid epidemic has been a problem in the country for more than a couple of decades. It all started in the late 80s. Pharmaceuticals began pushing powerful opioid-based painkillers on hospitals and physicians across the nation. None of the people who should have known better appreciated the highly addictive properties of the pills they were pushing and prescribing. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people became addicts. It subsequently gave rise to a new underground industry in pill distribution. This has led to millions of addicts and the devastation of whole communities.

If you have been caught up in this latest addiction epidemic, you should not feel ashamed. Addiction is a disease. It is not about morality or willpower. Only through proven treatment can you get better. When you enter a treatment facility, the people there will want to help you, not judge you. They will guide you through the different phases of painkiller addiction treatment.

The first phase is the most difficult. You will need to wean your body off its chemical dependence on drugs. This will be a painful and uncomfortable period. Going through it under the care and supervision of a trained physician will make things a little better, as they will be able to give you something to take the edge off.

You will also have to go through counselling. You cannot properly confront your illness if you do not understand its causes and effects. In therapy, you have an opportunity to explore why you started taking drugs in the first place. Unfortunately, there is no cure for drug addiction. When you leave the treatment center, you will be a recovering drug addict for the rest of your life. The program will give you the tools required to prevent a relapse.

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